Hormone Replacement Therapy

Men that have symptoms of low testosterone are getting younger and younger.  Men as young as their 30s may present with problems related to low testosterone levels.


There are many contributors to low testosterone, including diet, environmental toxins, or a history of concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI).  Low hormones are easily diagnosed with a blood test and a thorough history and physical.  


If you are feeling unmotivated, have decreased energy, and low libido, help and relief comes with hormone replacement therapy tailored to your individual needs!


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 Testosterone is responsible for building muscle and strengthening bone and when men have Low T, they notice a decrease in muscle mass.

Low Libido


erectile dysfunction

Men with low T have a drastic decline in sex drive and some even experience difficulty with an erection.



Poor energy

Men with low testosterone often feel fatigue and have a decrease in energy to do anything.

Hair loss



Men with low T can begin to show signs of hair loss at an early age.  A change in mood can also occur, including depression. 

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